Starness – The TV Show


C A wide-ranging group of notable female celebrities along with their new ‘equine partners’  must learn to compete together in the heart of horse country, Kentucky.    The goal: to bond as a racing team and master the intimate relationship between driver and horse that leads to true “Starness”.


Challenge segments measure ability to drive, race and win in this special equine world. The celebrity players are coached and motivated to acquire new competitive skills that reveal their untapped potential while they learn to care and communicate with their standardbred, saddlebred and showhorse ‘partners’.     These moments are set in relief with lifestyle focused segments (e.g. birthing foals, mucking stalls, trust-building tasks) that delve into the zany, ‘down home’ social scenes unique to horse country.

Racing & Competition

Each episode concludes with a special Starness race or competition.  The celebrity players are dressed in branded racing colors, seated in tricked out, cool sulkies behind their horse! The season finale culminates in a high stakes harness race at the storied Red Mile Harness Track – and the outcome determines the winner of Starness.

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